Friday, August 8, 2008

summer students- the end

I made it back from the conference just in time for my students' final exam. They've been a fun group. A few students have stood out in particular, including one who I'm pretty sure has a crush on me (a 'friend crush'?). One student gave me a thank you note after she handed in the exam, which was really touching. She said she enjoyed all of the drawing we did (unlike her lab partner, who hated it). I also got a few nice thank you emails.

I'm going to miss teaching while I'm on the fellowship. I hope some of my former students contact me with questions about internships or grad school. I'd be thrilled. One of my students from the spring contacted me about getting an internship at Big Natural History Museum this year (I think this is a direct result of the tour of BNHM I did for some of my students).

I have a few photos to post from the conference, but I probably won't get them up until later this weekend since we're moving today.

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