Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I love this conference thing

Wow, I've actually got some time to myself tonight in my hotel room because the other four people are at a party. Thankfully this place also has wireless so getting online hasn't been a problem. I'm grateful for this since I've had to finishing entering grades for my students.

Anyways, I love this 3,000 person conference. I'm having a blast! I've been going to 5+/- 1 talk in the morning and afternoon sessions each day, and socializing or reading the program during the gaps when I'm not in talks. I've tried not to sit in the same room for more than 2 talks because then my classroom narcolepsy kicks in. It's been a good balance for me and I haven't been overwhelmed by the sessions. If I'm too tired I go take a nap or do something that won't put me to sleep.

Lunches and dinners have been spent socializing with new people or old friends. I met two other people working in Ukenzagapia and I've seen tons of people I know from all over the place. A lot of people seem to be overwhelmed by the size of this conference, but I absolutely love it. I love meeting new people, and I'm motivated by talking with them.

I think my enthusiasm for this crazy experience, along with my sluggishness this summer, confirms my deep down extrovert nature. I often have trouble (though more often outside of science) starting a conversation, but for the most part I'm energized by my interactions with people more than I am drained by them.

I could write a lot more, but I'll end this for now before my roommates return. Tomorrow there's a blogger meetup!

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