Friday, July 11, 2008

We're moving up in the world

...literally. We learned a few weeks ago that another apartment in our building was becoming available at the end of this month. Today we finally saw it and told our landlord we want to move there! It's one floor up and faces south instead of north, which will be SO great for my plants. The place is really interesting and chic, and larger. We'll be able to fit a dresser (maybe even two!) in our bedroom along with the bed, and we'll have a small guest room.

I did just say I was looking forward to not moving my things for the first time in several years. But, this will be the shortest and hopefully easiest move ever. We'll get some friends together, feed and water them, and move everything in a day without really packing much.

I also mentioned recently that I'm going to be rich (as rich as a grad student can get, that is), which is how we're affording the extra $300 per month. Anyone want to rent our cute apartment in Big City? We could be neighbors...

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