Monday, July 21, 2008

sexual assault/harassment of the 'peeping tom' sort

On Friday after our morning lab session the other TA who teaches at the same time as me went to the bathroom. While she was in the stall, a man stuck his head under the wall. I don't know the sequence of events that followed, but she ran out of the building and he got away without being identified.

Oddly, I was thinking about going to the bathroom when this happened but I decided to hold it. I wish I hadn't because if I had been headed that way I might have gotten a better look at the guy before he escaped.

Most unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident. In the past year since I've been here, this is the third or fourth time this has happened, and it is at least the second time it has happened in this exact bathroom. The repetition of this behavior especially concerns me because it makes me think the guy has serious issues and is capable of doing much worse.

So, I talked to my students and recommended that women not go to the bathroom alone for the rest of the term because the bathroom outside their classroom might not be safe for them. How shitty is that?


Angie said...

Does the building have security cameras? I would request that a camera be added in the hallway near that restroom.

Karina said...

That's a really good idea. I'll suggest it to the campus police.

Paulina said...

that's pretty freaky because creeps like him tend to escalate in their behavior