Tuesday, July 29, 2008

ACK!!!!! head lice

This morning I was just sitting in my office this morning pondering the introduction to my review paper. I scratched my head, and found a little bug under my fingernail. I though Huh, that's weird. Kinda gross. Wonder how I got a bug on my head. So, being the good biologist that I am, I stuck it to a piece of tape. I looked at it a little more, noticed it didn't have wings, and thought, Uh oh... What do lice look like?

After a Google image search, I'm about 99% sure I have head lice. Likely source: movie theater. We saw WALL-E on Sunday.

So, I'm back at home with a shower cap on my head. Not exactly what I'd planned for the day. My bike helmet is in the freezer and I have to wait for Jon to come home with more quarters so we can wash all of our linens.

I did get to talk to Herb for about 10 minutes today, but most of our conversation was about head lice.


EcoGeoFemme said...

Oh gag! I've never had them, but I know my sister used to get them all the time when she taught little kids. You have to clean everything. Good luck.

Karina said...

Ok, so maybe I just had head louse. We didn't find any more- no lice, no nits, nothing. Nothing on Jon either. But I definitely did find ONE louse yesterday at school. I think it might have been a male, based on the pictures I saw online. I'm hoping that he was lone bachelor louse. We'll keep checking, but I think I might have been extremely lucky. Fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

Where there is smoke there is fire, I've been fighting off these little buggers all summer, contracted from my nephew.