Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Walk like an Ukenzagapian

Everyone here carries things on their head. Young and old, male and female. At first I thought it was a strange sight to see a bag with handles on top of someone's head, but now I understand. If you have good balance, it is less awkward than carrying something heavy on one side of your body or trying to hold it in front of you with both arms. I have had the urge to carry things on my head sometimes, but I've got about 20 years of catching up to do with everyone else here since they start as small children. Every day I see little kids carrying buckets of milk on their heads. Usually they have a hand on the bucket too (it's totally acceptable to use your hands to hold it on your head), but still. Go find a box, put a couple of books in it, put in on your head, and then use your hand to steady it while you walk around. Tell me how your arm feels after 3 minutes. It's tiring. I figure it's good exercise as it forces you to have good posture and uses the back and arms muscles when you steady it with your hand.

I've been practicing a little bit here and people think it is hilarious to see a white woman carrying stuff on her head. I tell them I'm learning how to walk like an Ukenzagapian.

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penn said...

pretty cool :-) When I worked as a vendor at a baseball stadium, I carried my trays of cotton candy, lemonade, or hot chocolate on my head. It is much easier than carrying them in front, and my arms got used to it.

I did live in Honduras one summer, and not many there carried stuff on their heads. They laughed mightily at me doing it.