Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Reasons why I am kicking ass

-My big experiment is all set up. My field assistants will keep it running while I'm gone. I'll check it once more before I leave.
-I've taken some great photographs this year that will be really useful.
-My field assistants can both use their cameras, download pictures to Picasa, and tag them with labels. One of my field assistants is an especially promising photographer.
-My Ukenzagaese isn't too bad at all. I'm especially good at greetings now which impresses the sandals off of people I meet in passing. I think my language level was slightly better than a Peace Corps volunteer I met who has been here since September. I still haven't been studying regularly, but most of my communication with my field assistants is in Ukenzagapese now. I need to learn more verbs and practice them so they stick.
-I'm piloting a few small things that may develop into bigger projects.
-I totally have poison tree rash under control. I haven't had even a moderate rash since that last whiny post about everything I'm doing to protect myself. I haven't had a bad rash AT ALL this year. Thank you IvyBlock!
-I know a lot of people now in Nyota. It's great to have friends.
-I've been making (slow but steady) progress on the short note that got rejected in January. I think I might be able to resubmit it just before I leave Ukenzagapia.
-I've been helping two undergrads with their projects over email.
-I'm getting better at scheduling things and estimating how long they will take.
-I'm starting the permit renewal process, even though I am unreasonably intimidated by it.
-I learned how to make a stovetop oven so I can bake things without a real oven.
-I was right on with my cheesemaking techniques. According to a Peace Corps cookbook I recently got my hands on, their instructions are boil milk, wait 2-3 days, strain. That's what I did! I independently invented cheesemaking.
-Jon and I are missing each other a ton, but otherwise we're fine. We're good at this long distance thing.

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jaxzwolf said...

You rock! Sounds like things are going great! Keep up the good work.