Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Crazy things for sale on the street

Yesterday I saw this man carrying a fish tank on his head. To sell. On the street. In the middle of rush hour. You know, just in case you were sitting in traffic and thought, "Oh my gosh! A fish tank full of little fish! That's exactly what I needed to pick up on my way home from work!"

Most people selling in traffic sell normal impulse buy items- snacks, drinks, and small items like cheap watches and wallets. But then there are people like fish tank man, and the guy who was carrying an enormous stuffed white tiger. It was as big as he was. Who buys that stuff*? I wish I'd gotten a picture of tiger man.

* To get this picture I did have to pretend that I was interested in buying the fish.

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jaxzwolf said...

This post cracked me up. Guys selling random stuff on the street: the craigslist of Ukenzagapia.