Sunday, April 18, 2010

Crazy things

How about that ash cloud, huh? My parents called last night and told me that flights to and from Europe are pretty much grounded. Then Jon told me our brother-in-law is stuck somewhere else in Africa right now because he's supposed to fly home through Europe. So am I, in two weeks.

Jon called me this morning all worked up and said he had really crazy news- was I sitting down? I moved to a chair, thinking what in the world could he tell me that I might fall down? I thought, oh my gosh- what if no flights can leave from Europe for the next month? Am I stuck in Ukenzagapia? What happened?

Then he delivered the news. Two of our friends have been backpacking around the world since October, and we have been cat sitting for their wonderful cats since then. Jon just found out that they unexpectedly got pregnant- even though she had an IUD- and they just came back to the U.S., ending their trip several months ahead of schedule. Their whole life is changing! Jon is all freaked out for them, imagining what it would have been like if I had gotten pregnant halfway through our trip in RFC.

I have to say, of all the news he might want me to sit down for, I'm relieved it was that! I'm excited for our friends and I'm sure they'll be fine. I just hope we get to keep the cats at least until I get back from Ukenzagpia. I miss the cats!

They wanted to come to Ukenzagapia with me, but my bags were already overweight, and they're pretty fat cats.

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Paulina said...

just as I was considering an IUD...