Saturday, February 13, 2010

Not funded

I found out that my big proposal from last year is not going to be funded. I was expecting this, but it's  still kind of a bummer. This does mean that now I have much greater motivation to apply for a different grant that is due next week. This also means that I will have to think about what, when, and how to resubmit for the big money. I only heard unofficially so I haven't seen reviews yet, but regardless I know I will be submitting an entirely new proposal next time.

Honestly, though, I know that writing proposals really helps me get my ideas together in a clear way, so it's not that much of a loss. Since I knew I wouldn't be doing exactly that project even if they funded it, I can use this as an opportunity to develop another stronger proposal for a different (and more feasible) project. My only concern in the timing of it all. I probably won't submit again until May, then have to wait 6 months to hear back, and by that time I need to be back in the field. Ai. I'd better get to work on this backup proposal for next week...

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Alexandra said...

That's too bad. You're amazingly positive about it though.