Thursday, February 11, 2010

Karina the International Courier

I am bringing so. much. stuff to Ukenzagapia on this trip. I weighted my bags- 39 and 37 pounds already and I don't even have close to everything. I just threw in what was already sitting around. I can check two bags (50 lbs each). I might have to check a third, and I imagine I'll be taking a heavy carryon.

Last year I had Jon to help me bring supplies, but this year it's all me. Even though I left a lot there, there is a ton of stuff to bring, especially because of gifts and favors. Oh my gosh. Here's a short list of what I'm bringing for other people.

-2 or 3 laptops
-4 digital cameras
-3 USB modems
-4 battery chargers
-2 small solar panels
-2 mp3 players
-16 rechargable batteries
-6+ books

That's all stuff for other people- you can assume I will carry at least one of each of the following for my own use, too!

Many of those items are for my field assistants, but some are for Dr. K. and colleagues of Sam. Some is for friends that I will visit on this trip. They asked if I could bring a desktop computer tower (sadly no). I hope they just ask me to bring a netbook or Mac Mini instead. Electronics tend to be much more expensive there so it is much cheaper for someone to get it here and bring it if they're already going.

Customs is going to be a blast. While I'm at it, anyone else have anything they want to send to Ukenzagapia?

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