Saturday, January 30, 2010

Short notice

Friday morning I received an email asking if I could give a presentation.
On Tuesday.
To the people that fund my research.

Gah! It only has to be 5-10 minutes for a non-scientific audience, but still! As I've written before, it takes me a long time to figure out the best way to present something. Just because it's a short presentation doesn't mean it will be a breeze to prepare.

On the bright side, these people have already funded me, so it's not a hard sell. I just need to keep them excited about what I'm doing.

I've got half a dozen or more posts to finish or start writing, but the week just got away from me. I am hoping to get some of those thoughts out soon.


EcoGeoFemme said...

Yikes! I agree that short presentations aren't easy, maybe even harder than long ones. Good luck!

m.e. said...

You'll do great, I know it! Good luck!

gigirose said...

1) Give 'em the big picture and 2) support it with lots of pretty pictures!