Monday, January 4, 2010


When I first started reading sciencey blogs, I really didn't get it when people wrote about drama with their committees. Now, as an older and wiser Ph.D. candidate, I'm beginning to understand the complexities.

I'm going back to Ukenzagapia in February, and want to meet with my committee before then. Unfortunately, Leo is going to be away for most of January. Since his expertise has become less central to my project, Herb advised me to ask my committee to meet in mid-January so that I have enough time between meeting and my departure, and that I meet with Leo when he returned. Leo said, "Why not just meet 1-2 weeks later after I get back?" It makes me a little uneasy to push the meeting so close to my departure, so I decided to talk with him in person.

Today I met with him to explain why I want to have my committee meeting earlier, and he said he would step off of my committee if meetings are going to happen without him. Yikes! I wasn't expecting that, and certainly don't want that either. But, at least now I know where he stands. So, I'm scheduling a meeting for the day after he returns.

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