Friday, April 3, 2009

Southern California highlights

A couple weekends ago we attended a wedding near San Diego of two of our friends from Small Friendly College. Here are a few photographic highlights.

Botanical Building in Balboa Park

Outside the Museum of Man, also in Balboa Park. The whole park is like museums a la carte- spend the day there and visit a bunch of small museums of your choice all within easy walking distance.

This photo doesn't look like much, but this happens to be the view of the ocean from my friend's desk in her graduate student office. I think I'm at the wrong institution. The best I can do is cover my ciderblock walls with scenic calendar pages.

It's amazing what people can do when they water a desert. On the right: dry and barren. On the left: green and lush. In the middle: the water that makes green possible. Oh, the policies and politics of water in the West.

Cacti in Joshua Tree National Park

More cacti in Joshua Tree

A dead tree in Josha Tree, but not a Joshua Tree.

Wind turbine photos coming later.

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Samia said...

I love these photos!