Wednesday, April 8, 2009

enjoy the wind turbines while you wait

In the past two weeks, my blog has been visited 311 times as a result of 69 different keyword searches containing "grf" or "graduate research fellowship." This accounts for 45% of my blog traffic during that time, which doesn't count those of you who are now regular visitors waiting to see if I've heard. I'm not expecting to hear anything until Friday or maybe even Monday.

In the meantime, here are some photos I took of wind turbines a few weeks ago on our way to Joshua Tree National Park.

As far as we could tell here, it was wind turbines all the way to the mountains.

All of those blades spinning looked kind of eerie through the haze.

So. many. wind turbines.


Eugenie said...

Wow! Soo many turbines! There are a lot of those around here.. flying into the local City I could see them ... very neat and also very eerie. (Driving with Dr. C to various farms on foggy mornings have proven to be the best times to see them- very cool!)

Anne-Marie said...

I have called the GRF office twice: one person told me the awardees will probably be notified tomorrow (4/10), and then today they told me they will "try to notify people by the end of next week." At this point I'm not even concerned about the money, I just have to know about this to know where I'll be attending grad school...

Karina said...

Oh wow... the end of next week is a long time away! I wonder what the big hangup is. Any clue? Does it have to do with some delay in finding out what their piece of the NSF budget is? I know the number of awards is based on their budget.

That's a rough spot to be in to have your grad school decision hanging on it. How will it sway you one way or another?