Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April 15? Really?

Last night as I was lying in bed trying to fall asleep I realized suddenly that I am leaving for Ukenzagapia again soon. It has felt like such a far-off event for so long that it just hit me last night that I'm leaving in a month.

In the next month I need to:
-Get a visa
-Buy tickets
-Order equipment & supplies
-Submit grant from my prelim proposal
-Submit grant I've been sitting on for months
-Send my endless review article somewhere
-Figure out how I'm going to answer the research questions I need to answer this summer

I think this would be a busy month with these things alone. Add onto that the fact that Jon and I are getting married in 10 days and that we'll be away from Big City for a week... and I'm trying not to be completely overwhelmed. I have so. much. to. do. Better stop blogging and start working.

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gigirose said...

phew, i hear you. i have a similar list happening, and I just had to give myself a little mental shake the other day and remind myself that these are all good things! an abundance of richness. no feeling sorry for myself when all i have to complain about are things like a new house and interesting international field work to complete... well, and my qualifying exams... I might allow a little complaining about those.