Monday, April 27, 2009

We're married!

Our wedding on Saturday and was fantastic. The weather was great, our marriage certificate was beautiful, the ceremony was wonderful, and the reception was a blast. Thanks to all of my readers who were there and helped make everything go so smoothly!

Many people have asked if I'm changing my name. I'm not, so I guess that makes me Mrs. Karina Anirak until I become Dr. Karina Anirak. I like the name Anirak and I've published under it (barely) so I'm content to remain an Anirak. Jon likes being Jon Rene and is keeping his name. We'll cross the what-do-you-name-the-children bridge when we get there.

Photo added May 27, 2009


Eugenie said...

Again, congrats! :-)

Albatross said...