Monday, October 20, 2008

wanting memories

We got back yesterday evening completely exhausted, but we had an awesome time at SFC. I only saw Herb twice in passing! I'll hear his take on it tomorrow.

I had a wonderful time hanging out with my cousin, her friends, and some of my college girlfriends. We're all still trying to figure out where our lives are going to some extent and how so it was good to talk about that.

Other highlights:
  • a really big bonfire
  • hearing the my cousin finally feels like she fits in and that she's really happy there
  • seeing an awesome concert
  • going on a trail ride with my friend
  • watching the alumni win against the students
  • talking to friends who are going to RFC! We get to relive our travels vicariously through them.
  • catching up with some of my favorite professors
  • swapping stories about 70 mph species identification, picking up roadkill, and airplane travel with unusual, um, specimens.
One bittersweet moment was meeting current students from a particular student organization in which I was heavily involved and no one knew who I was. It's hard to believe I'm that old- I'm one of those people. *sigh*

(Later this week I'll try to post some photos after I get my new computer!)

**Note: Photos added on November 10, 2008**
This is how we felt at the end of the weekend.
This is a beautiful shot of the clouds before sunset.

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