Sunday, October 5, 2008

GAH! I'm going home

If I haven't read your blog, replied to your email, or called you back, it's because I've been working my butt off to get my review ready for the lab group to read. I just sent it to everyone after working on it nearly non-stop (brief email checking, peeing, and eating breaks only) for 11 hours today (well, Sunday), 5 hours on Saturday, and I don't know how many hours last week. A lot.

I'm not coming to school tomorrow and will instead be giving my plants some much-needed attention, thinking about wedding stuff, making yogurt, and cooking for my lunches this week. I'm determined not to eat another frozen burrito anytime soon since that was the majority of my diet for the last week.

I expect there will be more blog posts this week since I won't be writing like mad. Ok, I'm really going home now.

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sarcozona said...

Yesterday I took a much needed break and cut back and restaked the tomato plants taking over my living room. How do you make yogurt?