Monday, October 6, 2008

review reflections

Tomorrow the lab group is giving me feedback about my review. I really need to figure out how to put a graph on my blog (suggestions, readers?) to track my enthusiasm. It was probably a 2 last Thursday and an 7 on Friday afternoon. I kept asking Mariyah questions and trying to talk through my confusion with her, so she offered to read it on Friday morning so that we could talk about it Friday afternoon. She really helped remind me that what I'm writing about is exciting and interesting and I'm not the only person in the world who cares about it.

I hope that I get inspired rather than overwhelmed and my ideas clarified rather than confused from tomorrow's lab meeting. I need to keep making steady progress on this review even while I start working a lot on my NSF GRF application. There's so much to think about with this review. I have about 100 citations and there are more papers I should read and possibly incorporate. Herb wasn't kidding- it's hard to write a good review.

On a completely separate note, I ended up not making yogurt today, but I did make a casserole, cobbler, quiche, and cookies. I have lunch for several days now! The cookies are for the lab group for commenting on my paper tomorrow. I was going to bring them cobbler, but I decided it would be too messy and involve plates and utensils.

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