Monday, September 1, 2008

looooooooooooooong weekend

Jon and I went to visit my family this weekend, and we ended up getting back later today than we'd originally planned. I won't bore you with the details, but the major events of the weekend can be summarized:
  • Witnessed a huge fire near the hotel where we stayed.
  • Attended a baptism.
  • Evacuated aforementioned hotel because of toxic fumes from the fire
  • Laptop stopped working. I opened it from sleep mode, the screen flashed, and then nothing would happen. Tried not to worry about broken computer.
  • Picked corn and tomatoes.
  • Visited a big antique mall. We love looking at antiques.
  • Went to on several errands after getting home at 9 pm tonight.
  • Credit card got declined while in a hurry to leave Home Depot before the grocery store closed. Credit card declined twice more.
  • Computer restarted with Jon's help. I'm backing it up again now. It just needs to last a few more weeks!
  • Resolved credit card lockdown.
I forgot to bring my reading for tomorrow (and my computer wasn't working for most of the weekend) so tomorrow is going to be a full and busy day. Here's hoping my computer works ok tomorrow.

(I really did have a good weekend, but man am I exhausted).


sarcozona said...

Good luck, computer!

Paulina said...

hey, my computer also died. my stepdad decided to update the bios but turned off the computer while flashing it so now no bios, computer dead. looks like need a new motherboard. grrr.