Sunday, September 28, 2008

you can probably just skip this one

This is just a random post about what I've been up to and will be up to (it's mainly for those of you who use the blog to follow what goes on in my life). We've had a friend from SFC staying with us for the past two weeks so almost every night when I got home we played Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, or Puerto Rico. Jon's job doesn't have homework so I have to be assertive when I have work to do and must decline a game! It also means that a lot of the things I do when I sit around in the evenings haven't been done (like reading blogs- current feedcount = 76 unread). We're also planning our wedding, or at least we're supposed to be!

I didn't do any work this weekend (not even writing), so I think I might be working longer days this week. Also, I really need a new computer. Everything is crapping out, even the adapters. We had 4 adapters for our 2 laptops and one lived at school for me. One died last spring, one two-prong plug died in Ukenzagapia, and one adapter went up in a frightening flame of glory last week. It had been on its way out for a long time. Now I have to remember to bring my adapter to work and home every day, and the other two-prong plug is starting to fail. Apple, please release your new Macbooks asap. I want a new laptop!

Our friend is leaving tomorrow (to return next week), and next weekend we'll have Jon's mom and two couchsurfers visit. These visits are all made much easier now that we have a bigger apartment and guest room.

Hopefully I'll get inspired to write some good posts this week. A few have been floating around in my head and I'll try to get them out soon.

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