Friday, December 12, 2008

planning my pre-prelim committee meeting

Yesterday I had a meeting with Herb to talk about my first committee meeting next week. Sam told me over email that he wanted a power point presentation with my planned methodologies, but I wanted to confirm this with Herb since, as my advisor, he is the committee chair. I thought Sam's request sounded more like something for my actual preliminary exam rather than a pre-prelim meeting. Herb said I should prepare a 15 minute overview presentation but not to go overboard. Herb also said I have a lot of strong personalities on my committee including two newly minted professors (Sam and Melody). I think this will be their first time serving on a committe, though I might be wrong about that. I'm pretty confident though that Herb can help me manage conflicting advice and keep things in control.

Jon and I are spending the weekend with some friends at a cabin without electricity in Someplace Snowy. I hope it's fun! When we get back on Sunday, I'll be even more behind on the blogs (current unread feeds= 176!). Also, I won't get that post about communicating science up until next week.

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