Sunday, December 7, 2008

discount dress

My mom and sister have been in town all weekend for my bridal shower, so once again I haven't done any work. I have a 10 page paper to write for Wednesday that I haven't started, but there isn't much else going on this week so I'm not worried. I spread my major assignments and deadlines throughout the semester very nicely I think.

Anyways, I had a great time and got some fun things at the shower. My best friend and her mom planned it, my mom baked the cake, and almost everyone in the area was able to come.* After the shower, I went dress shopping with my mom and sister at David's Bridal. We went to look for ideas for bodice styles because my mom was going to make my dress, but we found one on the $99 sale rack that fit me perfectly! It turns out I'm a perfect David's Bridal size 4. My mom is still going to shorten it (I don't want a long dress) and make a few other changes, but it will save her a lot of work. I didn't expect to find a dress so quickly!

Today we got a Christmas tree and my sister cut and colored my hair. She's my stylist so I have her cut my hair a few times a year. Sometimes she also colors it. It hides my gray, which is slowly creeping in more and more.

*This came back to bite us in the ass again. The wife of the couple whose car we had before Thanksgiving was planning to come, but her husband had one car key and we still had the other! So, she wasn't able to come :-(


Paulina said...

is it customary to have a bridal shower so far away from the wedding? I ask because I'm supposed to plan one for my sister and I'm not up on all the protocol.

Albatross said...

Congrats on the dress and fun shower!
I was not excited for my shower at all. It involved 4 days of travel, a dress fitting that went horribly and not nearly enough champagne for me to be comfortable having 30 people watch me open presents.
Luckily, friends and family made it worthwhile and a lovely day.

EcoGeoFemme said...


How did you end up handling the tire situation? Did you have to pay for it all? Were your friends mad?

Karina said...

My bridal shower was here in Big City even though the wedding won't be here because we're here right now and have friends here. I think it just depends on where the bride is.

We paid for our friend's tires, but it was only $100 (it could've been much worse). We haven't seen them in person yet, but when Jon talked to them on the phone he said they were apologetic that we'd had to deal with such craziness.