Tuesday, December 2, 2008

hanging hammocks

Mariyah and Herb went to Neotropical Field Site for a short trip over Thanksgiving, and I asked Mariyah to bring back some hammocks for us. She got one for herself too, but doesn't have a good place to hang it at home.

We stretched out the hammock in her office and were debating the placement and the height we would have to drill holes in the cinderblock when Herb walked in with an undergrad. Whoops.

I was only mildly embarassed, since Herb lived in his office for several weeks at one desperate point in time. Still, that undergrad must be confused about what grad students do with their time!

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Albatross said...

That is great! I had one hanging in my room as an undergrad but haven't had anywhere to out it since. My office never even occurred to me. Brilliant!