Monday, December 1, 2008

home again

We had an enjoyable and productive Thanksgiving weekend, which I will summarize with bullets for your reading pleasure.
  • We ate huge multi-course meals on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday with huge breakfast and lunch on Saturday.
  • I can't believe how much cheese I ate. I love cheese. Especially expensive cheese that I'm usually much too frugal to buy.
  • I also can't believe how much I drank. At least a glass or two of wine (which easily gets me tipsy on an empty stomach) with each of those huge meals and plenty of beer in between.
  • We house-hopped among Jon's family and didn't spend two consecutive nights in the same house.
  • We figured out more logistics for our wedding in April.
  • I had lunch with a former coworker/boss/friend of mine.
  • Jon's dentist brother cleaned my teeth. I need to floss more.
  • I adore Jon's nieces and nephews because they're all so smart, well behaved, and fun to hang out with.
  • I didn't do much work. Monday was supposed to be my work day but his brother inconveniently didn't know the password for their protected wireless internet. Basically everything I needed to do required me to be online. So much for that plan.
Ok, back to work!

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