Monday, January 28, 2008

Reading & Writing

Most of this weekend was spent sleeping or hanging out with friends (playing Settlers of Catan, of course), but boy do I have a lot of reading to do. I read a lot on Sunday, but most of it was for 'fun' not for school.

What I have to read by Wednesday:
-four chapters in the textbook for Herb's class
-three papers for departmental seminar (we're interviewing candidates for a faculty position)
-an article for the required class
-this week's lab that I'm teaching
-four journal articles for Herb's class
-my own review paper with an eye for completely restructuring it

What I have to write by Wednesday:
-a four page paper for Herb's class
-a response to the article for the required class
-a grant proposal that Leo will review

Other things I want to do this week that have nothing to do with school:
-plan/sketch windowboxes and hanging baskets for the apartment (I want to see if I can get my landlord to pay for some/all of it)
-clean the apartment (Jon's mom is coming to visit and OMG, we have SO much recycling in the kitchen)
-choose some native species for seed bombing

Well, I'd better get going!


Alexandra said...

Good luck!

Karina said...

I forgot to mention I had to read two manuscripts for lab meeting. I read those first.

I didn't get the reading done for Herb's class (not even close to done) but I read two papers.

I read the articles for the candidate's seminar. Interesting stuff.

This weekend I need to read my paper since I haven't done that yet.

I only wrote the response. The paper deadline was moved to next week and the grant proposal was moved to next month.