Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Animal research plan approved

It is a big relief to have my research protocol approved. I submitted it in December and had to make a few changes after the initial review, but it is now approved for 3 years! If I make any changes at all (and I'm sure I'll make many) they have to approve them too but this is a first big step.

Most of the items on the form don't even apply to field research, but if you so much as observe wild animals for research you have to get it approved by the committee, veterinarians, etc. Lots of paperwork.

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Alexandra said...

Tell me about it...Last semester I used humans for research and had to fill out a huge form and supply tons of documents. The semester, one thing is changing and we have to submit it all again. Supposedly getting approval for a change is a lot easier and goes faster than getting the initial approval. Congratulations on getting approved!