Friday, August 5, 2011

What I'm bringing to the conference

Next week is the big ecology conference (are any of my readers going to be there?). I'm really excited about. I just wanted to take a moment to share a few items on my conference packing list and see if any readers have anything to add.

-Business cards. I have plenty of these already printed and I'm going to carry them around in my name tag holder.
-Highlighter. For highlighting the talks I want to go to in the printed program. This is the #1 most important time I need a highlighter in my life.
-Water bottle. It'd just be embarrassing to carry around a disposable bottle at an ecology conference.
-Distinctive ribbon. This is new on my list. I'm going to tie it to the tote bag they give me so I can tell it apart from the other 2,000 identical tote bags.
-Lightweight sweater/cardigan. It's going to be wicked hot outside but if they crank up the AC or have some temperature regulation problems, I don't want to be shivering.

I've been way out of touch with the blogosphere- does anyone have a blogger meetup planned? I look forward to seeing some of you very soon!


Eugenie said...

Dumb question- is it a good idea to bring business cards if you're not presenting? (I'm feeling lazy..)

Forget a waterbottle- I'm bringing my camelback backpack! (I'm not kidding...its HOT)

Trick I figured out re:remembering talks- write the room number + time on the back of the name tag, or tuck a index card in the back. I always forget stuff like that in times when I'm running from one session to another.

Why not bring a camera?

Karina said...

I really wish that I had brought business cards in years when I wasn't presenting. So, not a dumb question and yes!

I'm also bringing my camelbak because I might bike to the convention center. I just spent some time trying to figure out if they have showers... I'm guessing no.

I like the index card idea. I'll bring a few of those too!

I'm planning to bring a camera- hopefully I'll remember to use it!

sarcozona said...

Yay! I'm looking forward to seeing you. I have all sorts of new things to remember now that I'm living outside of the US.

Eugenie said...

I might be biking too! If I do, I'm just going to bring a spare change of clothes. Send me an email- I wonder if we'll be in the same neighborhood + perhaps ride in together?

I've ridden downtown before- its *amazing*. Nice bike lanes and lots of bike paths away from the road!

Odds are, if you ride in the morning you're not going to get tooo sweaty. Just the ride home is going to suck with all the hills :-P