Monday, August 22, 2011

Departure eve

I'm leaving tomorrow for my last data collection trip to Ukenzagapia. Woo hoo! I've got my bags packed (to the max, as usual) and my (new-to-me) iphone unlocked. I've redistributed all but the largest plants to friends so that my black-thumbed husband doesn't kill them while I'm gone. I've got a brand new laptop I'm couriering for Dr. K, a new laptop battery for a friend, and about 12 pounds of printed materials that I'm going to unload. On my way through Europe I'm going to buy a ridiculous amount of cheese for my American friend. Oh, and her son really wanted squeeze jam so I'm bringing a bunch of that too. Two friends requested ipods, which I am not bringing. I found a carryon sized wheelie bag at the thrift store which I'm using to carry a microscope and most of my electronics. I hope I don't forget anything too important!


Jax said...

You will love the iPhone! I use mine so much it's almost become another limb! Okay... so perhaps that's not the greatest thing to admit, but I think you'll appreciate everything it can do. Good luck with your fieldwork! Can you believe this is your last trip for data collection?

Karina said...

I am DEFINITELY appreciating my iphone! I love it! I can study Ukenzagapese with flash cards! I can use skype to call people on skype (this is amazing- it's better than doing it on my computer for some reason). I can take photos with it and I can make notes and read pdfs! And email! And even continue my games of Words with Friends! I love it!