Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Return to Nyota

After 10 hours of travel I arrived at Nyota today with my field assistants. Thank God I had them to help me move SIX heavy bags/boxes. Tomorrow we get down to work! I haven't even been here a week yet.

I'm pleased with my language ability so far. I don't feel like I have forgotten much, and my comprehension seems even better. Today I carried on a long conversation in Ukenzagapese with the man sitting next to me. There were many things that I didn't understand, but he spoke slowly and clearly enough that I usually understood what he was saying (eventually). We talked about the weather in Ukenzagapia and the US, the problems of Ukenzagapia, why foreigners want to visit Ukenzagapia, whether or not I or my parents have a farm (and why not), what kinds of fruit we grow in America, what kind of food is most important, what kinds of plants we saw along the way, and what kinds of animals live in the forest in the US. These are all pretty common themes in the simple conversations that I have here.

In other news, I definitely picked up a cold on the plane to Ukenzagapia and it sucks. I have a wicked runny nose, sneezing, and a cough. It feels weird to have a cold when it is warm outside. Anyone else share that experience?

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Eugenie said...

Colds during warm weather SUCK! When I swam I would frequently get sinus infections- the worst one was when I was away one summer at swim camp in florida... runny nose + swimming is the most unpleasant experience....

Glad you arrived safely!