Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Maybe I should be working with people?

A professor of mine once described how her interest in teaching developed. She said that during grad school, the goals in her research seemed so distant, so far away, and the rewards of teaching could be so immediate. That has always stuck with me.

I had a difficult day in the field because another thing turned up in a site where I wasn't counting on it. For a while I laid there and stared at the sky, contemplating if this project I'm trying to do is even possible. I've had all these exciting ideas for projects and haven't been able to actually do any of them yet. I'm not feeling quite so desperate now as I was earlier today, but my frustrations in the field make helping people with their computers seem all the more rewarding. Today I helped someone install a program, reset someone's password, and helped someone else take a screen capture to put a map in a document. I know I can do those things, and I know they help people. I can see the result of my actions.

Maybe this is my Ukenzagapian equivalent to baking bread. But, it really makes me think maybe I should be working with people.

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Messy said...

Just for the record, I think you'd be good at it! Working with people, I mean.

And if that's the same Poison Tree that grows all over the Bahamas - EVIL EVIL PLANT! I especially like the way the rash waits a day to show up, so by the time you realize you're in trouble your whole body feels like it to be sandblasted to take get rid of the itch!

Hope all is well with you!