Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Or not...

I was all mentally prepared to talk with Herb for like 2 hours on Monday morning, but apparently he had other plans. About 10 minutes into our conversation, he abruptly left to go meet with some other students. I thought he would return so we could resume our conversation, so I only half-invested myself in other tasks. Several hours later, my labmates confirmed my suspicion that Herb had actually left for the day. Damn.

Sometimes you have to be more pro-active about meeting with your advisor.

Today during lab meeting I asked when we could talk more, so we're meeting tomorrow morning. I hope I can get at least an hour of his attention because I have like 1000 things to talk about with him, such as:

-what I did all summer
-how to analyze
-what to do with it
-what I didn't do
-what Leo thought I was going to do
-what's happening in Ukenzagapia while I'm here
-when I'm going back to Ukenzagapia
-how I'm going to pay for it (I'm out of money)
-my should've-been-finished-months-ago review

I want to talk about everything with Herb before I talk about it with Sam and Leo. Gotta keep my ducks in a row. And committee members.

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gigirose said...

I had a similar experience when I returned from fieldwork... expecting to be greeted by an expectant advisor waiting on a debrief. Instead, he seemed only interested in the generals of 'how'd it go?' ... leaving me to realize that I have to sort through a lot of it on my own, and then approach him with more pointed & direct questions. But then with whom do I debrief?!