Thursday, August 13, 2009

Going home

I'm spent my last two days in Ukenzagapia with an American family, and I think it will make the transition back home a little easier. Like I mentioned before, I've gotten used to life here, for better or for worse. I wonder if I'll experience return shock in Big City. Tonight I'll get on a plane and within 24 hours I'll be back with Jon. We live in an amazing world.

I've got my ipod charged and two books to read (In Defense of Food and A Primate's Memoir). My path home is far, far less arduous than last year, and I'm optimistic that my luggage will arrive with me (unlike last year) since I only have one connection. I'm also leaving a huge amount of stuff in Ukenzagapia at the University or my friend's house, including several books that I just don't want to keep hauling back and forth.

I think I did what could be done in my first field season and I'm looking forward to going back. But most immediately, I'm looking forward to going home :-)

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Paulina said...

Tell me how you like your books. I bought "In Defense of Food" but haven't read it yet. Oh, and welcome home.