Sunday, December 9, 2007

Our Christmas Tree

We found a tree while we were out with our friends who have a car. Hooray! I only had to ask about 10 people if they knew where we could find a nearby Christmas tree lot.

We got the tree up without a problem, but we're having decorating issues. Somehow we have misplaced the one little box that must have contained all of our Christmas tree decorations. We are at a complete loss as to its whereabouts. It would have been almost 2 years since we packed them up so I don't even remember what the box should look like. Since then we've moved it twice, and I really don't think we ever had it in Big City. Our best hope is that we somehow left it in Jon's mom's basement where we stored our things while we were in RFC. Oh, the woes of a transient twenty-something.

We have a box full of Christmas misc including lights, boxes, and some ribbons so we were able to light the tree and decorate it in the minimalist style that Jon prefers anyways. We didn't have that many decorations in the other box, but it did contain all of my favorite ornaments from childhood and the ornaments I made for our tree two years ago from walnuts and pine cones. For the time being I made ornaments out of the pine cones that fell out of the tree.


Alexandra said...

Can we see a picture of it please? I haven't had one in years and miss them.

Karina said...

I'll try to put some up soon.