Sunday, December 23, 2007

is it finished yet?

After a somewhat overwhelming day I devoted the evening to finishing my National Geographic pre-application. I just need to read over it once more before sending it and I'm waiting for approval from a potential collaborator. I really should have contacted potential collaborators on this one ages ago but for some reason I kept putting it off. I guess it feels odd to me to contact someone you've never met to say, "Hi, I'm submitting a pre-application for a grant to fund a project that I'm not even sure will work. Any chance you want to collaborate with me on it?" I actually pitched it better than that but it feels awkward when this project is still in the conceptual stages.

Today we searched Jon's mom's basement for the missing Christmas tree ornaments without success. I'm really sad about this because it contained my stocking and my absolute favorite Christmas tree ornaments from childhood. The basement was our best hope so I think I'm resigned to accepting that I won't ever see them again :-(

We left Big City on Thursday last week and I was running/biking around campus getting signatures and turning in forms until 30 minutes before we left for Capital City where Jon's family lives. Next we're going to Midwestern City to see my family, and I will celebrate my birthday there :-) Sometime soon I'll do a post about having a Christmastime birthday (which has absolutely nothing to do with being a scientist, but that's ok since it's Christmas and I need to stop thinking about work for a while).

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