Friday, December 7, 2007

Finding a Christmas tree in Big City

I had no idea it would be this difficult. We figured there would be plenty of Christmas tree lots popping up in the empty neighborhood blocks but we have yet to see one. Internet searches reveal surprisingly few Christmas tree lots, and absolutely none which are within walking distance. Our plan was to bike to a nearby lot and bungee the tree to one of our bikes and walk home with it. Without a car we are severely limited in our Christmas tree options (do we have ANY?). Can you take a Christmas tree on the bus? Do you have to pay a fare for it? Will the bus driver be mean to you about it and insist that large autotrophic passengers are not allowed?

Luckily, we have a plan. One of my friends from school has a car and we've convinced him and his girlfriend to go Christmas tree shopping with us tomorrow. Yay! Alas, I still can't find a Christmas tree lot on this side of the city. I imagine they are there but they aren't online so I won't know they exist until I drive past them. I just want to find an inexpensive tree that will hold its needles for the next two weeks.


T.a. said...

"large autotrophic passenger' = I salute your verbiage!

What you need is to get a nice norfolk pine and decorate it. Then you can have a potted plant all year round, and decorate it for Christmas, and you won't have to throw it out afterwards.... that's what we did last year.

'sides that, they're plain old cool conifers...

Julian said...

Come back to NZ, they sell Christmas trees at the scout den just a three minute walk down the road from us :-)

I've actually felt a bit conflicted about pine trees as Christmas trees in the last few years. Natives are beautiful but don't have any association with Christmas for me (whereas the smell of pine trees does). Wilding pines are such a problem in the mountains though. Probably the best thing to do would be to cycle up to Arthurs Pass, chop down a wilding pine, and carry it back. It'd take 3 days or so, but the environmental cred would be huge.