Saturday, April 30, 2011

New GRFP guide and FAQ

I just completed my required annual GRF reporting and noticed several changes in the new program guide (link to pdf) compared to last year's (link to pdf). Since I think at least 1 other fellow reads my blog, I thought I'd mention these.

-They discontinued the Fellows Abroad program which allowed folks to study at a foreign institution.
-You can't have another kind of federal fellowship (e.g. EPA STAR) and a GRF, even if you wouldn't be paid by them both at the same time.
-Maternity leave explicitly qualifies as medical deferment, but the time allowable is dependent on your university's policies.
-Teaching is now explicitly NOT allowed while they are paying you a stipend (if you need to teach, you must defer a year or forfeit).
-Language is much stricter regarding deadlines for annual reporting. If you're late, your fellowship WILL be terminated. If you haven't done it yet, the deadline is May 1!

The new FAQ is here.


sarcozona said...

The discontinuation of the Fellows Abroad program is killer. I am so mad that I had to turn down the GRF because I'm leaving the country for school - especially after all the language in the application materials about supporting international collaboration.

Karina said...

That's awful! What a bummer. I wonder why they discontinued it.