Friday, April 29, 2011

Getting back in the groove

I'm certainly doing a good job getting my body back in the right time zone! I got home on Tuesday afternoon, went out for a belated anniversary dinner with Jon, and stayed up until 10 pm. On Wednesday I woke up at 5:45 (not bad), did stuff around the house all day, then went to trivia night and was up until nearly midnight. I slept until about 7:30 on Thursday, went to campus, and then went to a bachelorette party and ended up crashing at my friend's house and going home this morning. Tonight our friend is having a going-away-for-the-summer party, and on Saturday we're going to a wedding. It's a celebratory week.

I'm really trying hard to establish new home routines for myself now. Part of the reason I was able to do such an insane amount of work in Nyota was that I had a routine that didn't vary much, my life was pretty simple, and someone was cooking for me. It's much more complicated here and there are many more distractions (husband! puppy! houseplants! youtube! cooking! housework! - I had none of these in Nyota). I'm trying to simplify my life by scheduling things so that I just know when I do them and don't waste time and energy deciding whether or not I should do them (I do this a lot). So far I'm mostly doing this with things at home, but I think I'll do it with some school things too. I'm not the kind of person for whom routines come easily (I think I've blogged about this before), so I have to make a conscious effort to create and stick to them.

I'm curious, my readers, if you have created routines for similar reasons. If so, what have they been?


Alyssa said...

In grad school I would try to schedule my day so that I didn't get too bored or overwhelmed with one task. Now that I'm at home with a baby, I try to schedule my day so we're on some sort of routine --- doesn't always happen, but it works sometimes!

Alexandra said...

I have a pretty standard routine now but that is because I have to go to the office every day. In grad school I also had a routine to make sure I would get my work done. I essentially treated school like a job and kept hours (which I most definitely did not do during college). I didn't go to the grocery store, cook, clean, hang out with friends, etc. during those hours. I think my hours were 7-5, except when I really needed to put in more hours to get something done. But, after 5, I was free to do whatever I wanted and not feel guilty about it.