Thursday, September 16, 2010

Writing, resubmitting, and advisors

So about that short manuscript. I wrote it. Sam and I revised it. I submitted it to OK Journal. It was immediately rejected without review. Sam suggested I consider submitting to Better Journal or Regional Journal. I chose Regional Journal because I'm 99% sure Better Journal will reject it. We submitted to Regional Journal. It was reviewed and rejected. We appealed to the editor- can we resubmit if we make it shorter? No.

Sam says we should revise, shorten, and submit to OK Journal or Better Journal. But it was already rejected from OK Journal and it's not going to fly with Better Journal. I think we need to send it to Small Journal, which is what Sam and I talked about when we met last week. Sigh.

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Jax said...

I've heard that it can actually be harder to get papers accepted to smaller or regional journals than larger journals/journals that are more well-known. It's been said that oftentimes smaller or regional journals will turn their nose up at certain types of submissions, and can be really picky-- they feel the need to be as selective as possible in and effort to increase their standing. More reputable or larger journals might be more willing to take a look, simply because they've made a name for themselves and can print whatever they want and still have it read.