Saturday, October 31, 2009

Blogroll suggestions

I read a zillion blogs but don't have a blogroll. I think it's about time I make one. If you read my blog and would like to suggest your blog for my blogroll, please post a comment.


Hielochica said...

Hi Karina... I am enjoying your blog. Your research is interesting and I think we have a lot in common! Here are some of the blogs I follow that you might enjoy...

PLoS ONE Alerts: Evolution
The Loom
PHD Comics
ScienceBlogs Select
101 Cookbooks
Deep Sea News
Mauka to Makai

I am interested in knowing what your favorite blogs are!

Albatross said...

I'd love to be on your blogroll!

michellespidermonkey said...

Just came across your blog, and I think I'll add it to my my blogroll!

Karina said...

Thanks for the suggestions, everyone! Your blogs are definitely going on the blogroll. Hielochica, thanks for the other suggestions. I love Ph.D. Comics too!