Thursday, September 17, 2009

Small victories

I'm designing a database to sort out my incredibly messy data from this summer. I've been teaching myself FileMaker Pro, with some general database structure advice from another student working with Access, and it's generally been slow going. I can't even begin to analyze my data until I get it into a reasonable format (NOT the insane spreadsheets I currently have), and I'm supposed to present some kind of preliminary data analysis at lab meeting on Tuesday.

With that in mind, I just about danced down the hallway today when I conquered a particular problem that's had me stuck for over a week now. Woo hoo! Now I've got to run some queries on my test data, and then I can enter the rest of the data.

Then I can export it to R, and then I can begin some analyses. I've got to rejoyce in these small victories.


dance said...

Oh, I did my own FMP database for my diss research too. I'm pretty sure I had to re-start from scratch once or twice, and it is the most amateurish thing. But I had much fun with it, once I got it sorted.

Karina said...

Gah! I'm working on it right now. Slowly.