Sunday, September 27, 2009


I finally got off the waiting list at the counseling center. Last week I met with a therapist who I really like. She is still a graduate student herself, but it seems like a much better match than my previous therapist. She explained her approach to counseling, which the previous woman never did and whether or not she had one wasn't apparent to me. I'm looking forward to seeing this new counselor on a regular basis while I work through the dozen or so separate but interconnected issues that I need to deal with.

I'm so glad that I'm able to get free or inexpensive counseling through the university (even though I had to wait).


penn said...

I got counseling during grad school, and it was invaluable to me. I wish I could still afford to see a therapist. My first one was a student (and fabulous -- I only got a new one because she graduated). I loved having a student, as she really understood where I was coming from.

I hope your counseling visits go as well as mine did!

Neuropharma said...

I'm considering getting counseling too. I'm depressed most of the time and I'm crying a lot for no obvious reason. I really hope I can find someone who can help me.

Last year I tried the counseling service the college offers and it was just OK. I liked the therapist and I did improve a little. But I still feel there was something inside me that they couldn't reach and therefore was not resolved, if that makes any sense. I need to look for someone new, but I don't know where to start, and I'm afraid that it'll be the just the same.

Hope yours go well!