Wednesday, November 26, 2008

from the airport

I'm waiting at Big City Airport to fly to Jon's Hometown for
Thanksgiving. We're able to do this trip thanks to Jon's mom's
frequent flier miles- but it means we're flying on different airlines.
She travels extensively for her job (just got back from Sudan and may
be going to Iraq after Christmas... yes, she has a fascinating job).

I don't think I've ever seen so many 9-24 month old kids waiting to
get on the same flight. I guess I don't usually fly the day before
Thanksgiving. Here's hoping I'm not seated near the screamer. Or in
front of a kicker. That's really annoying.

Damn. They just delayed might flight for at least an hour. I should
probably go find some food.

We successfully replaced the wheels on our friends' car yesterday. It
cost $100 plus Jon's missed wages for 4 hours to deal with it. It
could've been worse.

Monday and Tuesday were mad busy. I was at school from 9 am to 1 am on
Monday working on a 20 minute presentation for Tuesday in the midst of
meetings. I had a very long list of things to accomplish on Tuesday
(including giving my presentation) and I got all of them done! It was
so satisfying!

Ok, in the end I got on a different flight that got in a little bit
sooner. I probably won't be online much until Friday or Saturday.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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