Thursday, November 20, 2008

creating a committee

I'm tentatively planning to take my Ph.D. candidacy exam (aka preliminary exam or 'prelims') in March. Before then, I have to create a committee of faculty members who will assess my performance at the exam. I already know that Herb, Leo, Chip, and Sam will be on my committee, and I need one more person. I'm hoping that Melody, the new assistant professor, will be on my committee. I have a meeting with her tomorrow morning to talk about research with her and I also plan to ask her to be on my committee. I hope she says yes.

If Melody agrees, then I'll contact everyone to schedule a meeting. Ideally my pre-prelim meeting should be in December, but it might not happen until January. I think that will be ok but I'd rather know exactly what to study before winter break.

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Nicole said...

I had to assemble a proto-committee a couple months ago for my thesis proposal. Is it supposed to feel strangely like you should get down on one knee and give them a diamond ring?