Friday, May 2, 2008

Write a sentence, eat a grape

I'm still at school. I'm not going home until I make satisfactory progress on this review paper. It's been slow going tonight. I've only added a half a page in the past 3 hours (although that does include a 1 hour nap). Mostly I've been reading, thinking, jotting notes, thinking more, and then maybe writing a sentence, or repeating the read-think-note process. I had another organization breakthrough for one of the sections. I think tonight's goal is to write the logical thoughts out for that section without worrying yet about the examples from the literature.

I really need these big sections of uninterrupted time at this stage in the (re)writing process. It helps me to bait myself along with small rewards for myself like sending an email, reading blogs, or eating snacks. Then I reward myself for bigger accomplishments by telling myself I can't do something I want to do until I reach a certain point. Tonight my reward will simply be going home. I don't expect to make much (if any) progress on the paper tomorrow, so tonight's work time is really important. I'd better get back to it!

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