Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Moving to Big City

This past week has been packed. I met up with 'Jon' (my partner/boyfriend/significiant other) in Big City to find an apartment. We couch surfed with friends of ours in the area and looked at at least 16 apartments. We'll be car-free in Big City so we wanted to find a place relatively close to school. We succeeded in finding a great 2 bedroom apartment within our price range that is only about a mile from campus. We signed the lease on Thursday and got the keys!

Now we're back where all of our belongings have been stored for the past year since we left for RFC. This week we have to finish packing misc items and drive it all to Big City. We'll have a week to get settled in the apartment before I start orientation.

I found out that I won't get my first paycheck until the middle of September and Jon doesn't have a job yet. This first month is definitely going to be tough. I hope he finds a job quickly and gets paid sooner than I do. We have barely enough money right now to cover our first month's rent and the moving costs. For the first time in our lives we're counting on spending money we don't have on necessary expenses (food, textbooks, basic household items) and putting it on my credit card with the intention of being able to pay it off in full when I get my first paycheck. Scary.

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