Thursday, August 1, 2013

Not a job, but an offer

I got invited to participate in a working group for my particular subdiscipline by one of the people who interviewed me for a postdoc in the spring. I didn't get the job, but this is a pretty good consolation prize. I am flattered that I made the list of invitees! There are some big intimidating names on there. I will do my best to rise to the occasion and run with the big dogs.

Fingers crossed for the other job I interviewed for last week. I could not have imagined this particular position, but it combines several of my different skills and experiences. I was told at the end of the phone interview, "I am deeply impressed by your qualifications, and even if you don't end up here, I look forward to seeing what you do for years to come." Those are some encouraging words, but we'll see what happens.


Sarcozona said...

So much good news!!!!

Charlotte said...

Great news! I've read your blog on and off for the last few years without ever commenting, so thought I'd stop lurking and say congrats. I'm starting a PhD next fall and like you, I took some time off between my bachelors and PhD. It's good to see others who have gone down the same path.

Karina said...

Thanks Charlotte! Glad you commented after lurking for so long :-) Good luck and I hope you can learn from some of my mistakes!