Thursday, January 10, 2013

More on jobs

Today I had an unexpected meeting with Sam and two fabulous things came out of it.

1) Sam asked if I'd be interested in a postdoc overseas. I said yes, so he's going to contact a collaborator of ours who he knows is writing a big grant and suggest he consider putting in a postdoc for me. I'm excited about this because I hear it's what advisors are supposed to do-- use their network to try and find positions for their students!

2) Sam also asked if I'd be interested in starting & running my own NGO. He had one for a while some years back when he thought he was going to have to make his own job and the need may be there again, but he really has no interest in running an NGO. He's interested in how it could support the work we (and especially he) do in Ukenzagapia. He thought I might be good at it. I think I could be.

Neither of these is a tangible job prospect, but they are opportunities I hadn't previously considered. Both of them would take substantial visioning and planning. I think at this point in my life I would still prefer the simplicity of landing in a well-defined postdoc, but these ideas are worth kicking around.

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