Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Revise & resubmit!

I received some unexpectedly good news. We just heard back about the manuscript that I had very low hopes for- revise & resubmit! They asked if we/I can do it in the next 2-3 weeks, but my coauthor just had a baby and this isn't part of my dissertation (= low priority). I didn't read all the reviews yet (honestly I'm kinda of scared) and I'd love to get my amazing collaborator's thoughts on this but I also don't want to bother her during leave. I'll at least tell her via facebook to check her email.


Karina said...

Before I could even contact her on fb, she emailed me and wants to talk tomorrow! This woman is unstoppable. She ran 4 miles/day until 40 weeks pregnant, has a 2 yo, a 3 week old, and spent most of last week in the hospital with an infection. And she wants to turn this around in 2-3 weeks. On maternity leave.

gigirose said...

Ha! I was just going to comment that I thought you should just go ahead and email her directly,bc she'd prob appreciate the affirmation that she still exists is the grown up world. But I guess she's on it! Women like that amaze me.
And congrats on the positive feedback on teh manuscript!

Karina said...

Thanks gigirose! The comments really aren't that much at all! Both reviewers recommended "accept with minor revisions" and we are totally going to get this done and back to them by Jan 1. Woo hoo!